Thursday, January 15, 2009

Makar Sakranti : The Kite Festival

There are many religious reasons behind celebration of Makar Sakranti., Jan 14th. Sun is worshiped on this day. It is also said that the day on, effect of cold reduces measurably.

But I look at it from a different perspective. It is popular for flying kites. Enthusiasm gives energy to stand on roof for the whole day in sunlight looking at the sky and managing the position of your kite amongst others. This is the day when I see my complete neighborhood on their roofs and find it best to renew public relations :).

It was after seven years when I celebrated the festival in Jaipur. The occasion is still celebrated with the same zeal on the day with the difference that fest does not last for many days now. Probably because of change in interests and priorities, but that is quite obvious too.

If you want to enjoy the real kite fest, make a trip to Jaipur/Gujrat on Jan 14. You will remember it for ever.