Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Beginning

Its a new life here. New place, new office, new lifestyle with life partner, who's also new ;-). It makes me nostalgic some times. Leaving the old friends behind, settling down in a new city and when you adapt all these, you move on!!

I remember the initial years of my career. People used to much more affectionate and are still in touch. Moving on to new job one after another does not provide that leverage. Switching was not painful this time. Probably I myself don't get attached to that extent. Having meals alone, going to malls alone and doing everything by self were not the preferences few years back. But now, it hardly makes a difference. And I'm surprised to find more comfort in this new way of life.

I used to be very social. Still my old pals remember me as the most lively and active person in the group. But then, what has happened? Is it because that phase is over or is this just a phase which will get over or is the effect of marriage that I'm not left with enough time to accomodate everything?

Still, I'm happy to get new suprises everyday. Life is good. :)