Wednesday, June 5, 2013

After a long time

Its been long I posted here. Now, when I have some spare time in office and not much to do, thoughts have started flowing again. Simultaneously listening to "Aur aahista kijiye baatein" by Pankaj Udhas, lovely song:

I see my last post was in 2010, long time...So much has changed in life since then. I'm a proud mom of 2 year old now. I find my everything revolving around him, how and when it happened till this extent, don't know. Its difficult to recall those times when we were just two. The idea itself sounds boring now. Those days, where I used to look forward for some time for just two of us, family gatherings and outing are more preferred now a days.

I hear same things from friends and family that they have also gone through similar phase. I sometimes feel that though everyone is different but still human behavior is so much similar. The happiness, sadness, liking and in general, behavioral curve has so many similar aspects.
Its pleasure to see kids reacting on something, I take that as the most natural way. When a kid is hurt, happy, sad, crying, feeling not so good or feeling happy, a kid's behavior is the most unadulterated and non exaggerated form of reaction.

I sometimes wonder on what all God has created. A surprise everywhere, every time.

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